Al Etimad
 is one of the best known and respected slaughterhouses in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. The facility is well known for its high standards and the cleanliness of its production lines.

Al Etimad was established in 1988. The facility stands on 113 acres which include agricultural land planted in feed crops. Al Etimad is equipped with all modern instruments and equipment to guarantee the quality of production. Kosar has recently added packaging machines for fresh chicken parts in addition to the traditional whole carcass presentation.

Al Etimad can process about 1500 birds per hour and operates 6 days per week. The slaughterhouse is located in Khabbat District, only 20 km from Erbil and fresh pack meat is sent directly to local supermarkets and comply easily with the 72-hour sales regulations for fresh meat. The remainder is frozen and stocked in supermarkets under the Kosar brand: TAZA, meaning FRESH.