Kosar Company is one of the largest integrated poultry companies in Iraq. The company's  begin in 1988 and was registered in Erbil, Kurdistan under the Kosar name in 2003. The company specializes in in poultry farming and agricultural production and has several ongoing projects:

  • Taq Taq Poultry Breeder Project is one of the largest chicken breeding project in Iraq, producing more than 10 million hatching eggs per year. Taq Taq farm site is 126 hectares devoted to a hatchery with a capacity of 9 million eggs annually (7.5 million chicks per year) and a feed mill producing the ration mix specific for the project. The remainder of the farm is cultivated with feed crops.
  • Kosar Feed Mill is a modern milling and warehouse facility located just outside of Erbil. The mill uses modern equipment and raw materials from certified sources and produces pelleted feed for broilers, laying hens, fish, and ruminants at a rate of 10-15 tonnes per hour.
  • Etimad Slaughterhouse was established in 1988 and is one of the oldest and best known poultry slaughterhouses in Kurdistan. Built on 26 hectares, the slaughterhouse is surrounded by agricultural land planted with crops. The facility has recently been updated to enable production of packaged chicken portions and whole chickens at a capacity of 1500 birds per hour. Kosar sends product directly to markets under proprietary labeling.
  • Kosar Corn Dryer is the first automated corn dryer in Kurdistan region. The natural-gas fired unit can dry 100 tonnes per hour to specific moisture levels without burning.
  • Kosar Cold  Stores  is a facility of five large coldstores thermally controlled to be used as cooler or freezer. Smaller cooler units are available for storing vaccines and medicines.
  • Rasty Laboratory is a diagnostic lab for poultry diseases and is one of the most important divisions of Kosar Company.
    • Kosar Mineral Blocks for production of animal mineral salt block, which is established recently and have the ability to produce all types of mineral and vitamin salt blocks for all species of animals. 

Kosar company is also the importer and distributor for a wide range of animal health products from certified international companies including:

  • Miavit Company / Germany
  • Bedson Company / Argentina
  • Biolink Company / UK
  • LCB Company / France.
  • Charm Company / USA
  • Mevet company / Spain
  • Globalfeed Company / Spain