Poultry Project Taq Taq:

-It is one of the important poultry projects in Iraq. The project is located in a charming mountainous area on the lower Zab River between the provinces of Erbil and Kirkuk.

-The Project set up in 1985 by a German company, Bigdutchman. The total area of this project is 510 acres and consists of four separate fields and the area of each* field is about 20 acres.

-Each Field is consisting of four halls, the capacity of each hall is about 6000 parent birds in addition to the factory of feed mill and hatchery.

The project management is based on a technical Profficinal staff with extensive experience in this field and they are working hard by using modern scientific methods in the rearing parents of broilers.

- Yearly, the project is tending to produce approximately 10 million hatching eggs from the breeders of Ross (308).

-After that, the production is carted by a special Atmospheric vehicle to hatcheries belonging to the main project which is one of the modern hatcheries, and by sufficient effort, with high efficiency, the production capacity is estimated at about 8 million day-old chicks.

-Finally, the resulting of day-old chicks are transferred by private air-conditioned vehicles to all poultry farms in the province of Kurdistan and abroad.